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Achieving Balance

Growing up, I was bombarded with messages from school, my family, and the media, just like everyone else.  The messages I heard probably sound familiar to you – go to school, work hard, put in the effort, and you will achieve everything your heart desires.  I know that many people have claimed that these messages […]

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The Importance of a Beginner’s Mind in Mastery

Beginner’s mind, or Shoshin in Zen Buddhism, refers to the attitude that you often see in people who just begin an activity.  This attitude is characterized by a general openness and eagerness to learn as well as not having any preconceptions while you learn whatever it is they are learning.  A popular Zen saying is […]

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Mastery Begins With Imitation

The road to master will always begin with imitation.  Think of the artist who began drawing their favorite characters or comics as children.  You begin by learning to draw what others have done.  When you are learning to play an instrument, you learn chords and keys, but do you start by playing your own music […]

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What should I do to become great?

There are a lot of steps in this journey and everyone’s journey will be different.  Only you will be able to decide if you are ‘Great.’  Here are some ideas for you below: Decide to consciously seek greatness. You must do this first.  Without that decision, nothing will follow.  Once you decide to follow this […]

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Good to Great!

Good to great! I hope that you read our last post, Why Be Great?, and have decided that cultivating greatness is worthwhile.  Sometimes, it’s hard to discern whether you are already doing great or if you are just doing ‘good.’  The reason for this is that there could be a lot of positive things going […]

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Why be Great?

Why be great? It is important to understand that being great is a choice that you get to make.  No one can make it for you and it doesn’t just happen because it would be ‘nice.’  Doing ‘well’ and being great are worlds apart.  It is important to assess whether you are happy where you […]

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What is Greatness?

One of the biggest problems that people face today is a lack of drive.  But perhaps not the drive that you might be thinking of.  There are plenty of people who spend a great deal of time at work, trying to further their career plans.  There are also quite a few people who put their […]

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More ways to enjoy the things you hate

Do you find that you don’t enjoy some of the activities that you have to do in life?  The place we most often experience this is work, right?  You ‘have’ to work in order to earn a living which means, even if you have chosen your job, you have not necessarily chosen all of the […]


Fight Autopilot

Have you ever felt like you were on autopilot?  Maybe, you wake up in the morning and move right into your ‘routine.’  You shower, eat, brush your teeth, go to work, come home, eat, and go to bed?  Or, some other variation?  Human beings seem to be slaves to their habits.  We eat the same […]

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5th Yoga Class

Good morning everyone!  I am fresh off the fifth of six total yoga classes in the YogaLife NH beginner series, which I have dutifully been partaking in with my wife, Ali.  It has been a surprisingly interesting ride, this Yoga-thing.  I am feeling more fit, more energetic, and a little less foggy.  I have not […]