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What do we focus on?

Inspiration and Motivation

In our world (aka on this blog) inspiration is something that makes you want to change and motivation is what gets you to actually start that change. Said a little more concisely: before you can make any change, you must be inspired to make that change and motivated to start. Inspirational and motivational posts will come in the form of stories and videos with an emotional or spiritual context associated with them. It’s important to know that this type of post is not fluff, even though they will often not contain any new strategies. Nobody can be ‘ON’ all the time. Even the most type ‘A’ personality needs to be pushed or pulled every now and again.

Strategy and Execution

Strategy is nectar of our lives! Rarely have we found anything that invigorates us more than developing strategy! Figuring out how to get to where you want to go can be excruciatingly difficult for many people. Most often, we hear things like “I want to be financially sound but I can never seem to get ahead” or “I want a promotion but, no matter what I do, I can’t move beyond my current job!” The most common ‘strategy’ people utilize is putting their heads down and doing what they have always done, never understanding why they keep getting what they already have. These posts will come in the form of actions that you can take and activities that can help.

Monitor, Examine, and Change

Once you have your strategy and have begun to follow it, you need to track your results, see what is working or not working, and make changes. Strategies should not be set in stone. They are organic, changing over time, so that you can react to unexpected results. When you find that one strategy is not working, you make changes and continue to track. When a pilot is flying, they will periodically check their heading so ensure they are still going in the exact right direction. Otherwise, even if the heading is only off a small amount, they will find themselves hundreds of miles away from their intended destination.

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