What should I do to become great?

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There are a lot of steps in this journey and everyone’s journey will be different.  Only you will be able to decide if you are ‘Great.’  Here are some ideas for you below:

  • Decide to consciously seek greatness. You must do this first.  Without that decision, nothing will follow.  Once you decide to follow this path, to seek greatness in all that you do, you will start to see changes.

Seeking greatness leads to…wait for it…greatness.  Seeking nothing leads to nothing.

  • Vision and goals. Create a vision of what greatness looks like for YOU.  What do you have to do and be to consider yourself great?  Once you have created that vision, develop some goals in order to reach that.  We will have plenty of articles on goal setting on this site as we move forward.
  • Make personal development a priority. Spend time learning in and improving your trade, profession, job, or PASSION.  If you are already at the top of your field, that’s wonderful.  You must still learn and improve EVERY DAY.  And, if you are like most of us and are still climbing, then know that the only way to climb higher is to become a better climber.  The only way to do that is through personal development.
  • Develop your networks, both professional and personal. Relationships are a key driver of happiness in life but they are also your biggest source of information.  You will undoubtedly know others who are great in certain areas of their lives.  Ask them for help or to provide some tips/suggestions.
  • Seek new challenges. Growth is an inherent requirement of greatness and nothing will cause you to grow more than challenging yourself.  Challenge yourself to create new experiences for yourself and your family.  Take on a stretch assignment at work.  Push yourself to get a personal best on your 1 mile run.


The articles on this site will help you to find your greatness; that is precisely why we are writing them.  Figuring out my own path to greatness pushes me every day.  I had to make a choice in order to start this journey.  Will you make the same choice?

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