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6th Yoga Class

Last night, we had our last class in the YogaLife NH “Beginning Yoga” series led by Allison Parks Dugas.  I don’t really have an ‘official’ rating system but, if I did, I would give this course a 5 out of 5.  I cannot fully explain how fantastic it was to start each week off with […]

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5th Yoga Class

Good morning everyone!  I am fresh off the fifth of six total yoga classes in the YogaLife NH beginner series, which I have dutifully been partaking in with my wife, Ali.  It has been a surprisingly interesting ride, this Yoga-thing.  I am feeling more fit, more energetic, and a little less foggy.  I have not […]

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4th Yoga Class

Week 4 has come and gone in our Yoga journey and, like the first three weeks, class was both fun and relaxing.  Who would have thought that I would be so excited each week to go to a Yoga class?  The class itself followed the normal routine so I won’t go into that this time […]

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Third Yoga Class

Our 6-week yoga class is halfway over and I find myself thinking ‘wow, that was fast!’  As we left last Sunday, I was a little bummed in knowing that there are no regular Sunday evening classes (it just works with our schedule and is a really nice way to get ready for the week).  Rather […]

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Second Yoga Class

Ali and I are fresh off the second class of our 6-week Intro to Yoga journey at YogaLifeNH in Exeter, NH.  It’s only the second week and I am already finding that, not only do I enjoy the class, but that I look forward to it.  I hurt myself pretty badly last week while training […]

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1st Yoga Class

This past Sunday Ali and I took our 1st yoga class at YogaLifeNH in Exeter.  Finding parking was a little difficult but, truth be told, that was the only negative part of the experience.  The building was in a little office park type area that was quaint and charming.  It was a brick building, easy […]

Start Yoga 2016

Beginning Yoga

It is the New Year and, like most people, I have decided that I need to get back into shape.  Over the last year, I have gone from training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) twice per week and running 5 days per week to doing one workout every couple of weeks.  I have noticed a change […]