What is Greatness?

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One of the biggest problems that people face today is a lack of drive.  But perhaps not the drive that you might be thinking of.  There are plenty of people who spend a great deal of time at work, trying to further their career plans.  There are also quite a few people who put their all into family planning, hobbies, sports, and other endeavors (whatever that may be for you).  The lack of drive that I am referring to is the drive to be GREAT ‘across the board.’

What is Greatness?

“Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive, God-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste.”  -Will Smith

Greatness is, first and foremost, a mindset.

There is no set of techniques, tricks, or tips that will take you from being ‘not great’ to great.  There are certainly many tips and tricks to help you achieve greatness, which is the focus of this entire site, but to be great you must have this mindset of greatness.

You may find that this concept is scary (or annoying) for you, because there is no ‘check-the-box’ activity that you can do to suddenly say “now I am great.”  But, the wonderful thing about this is that anyone can change their mindset.  Let me say that again:  ANYONE can change their mindset.

The Difference between good and great?

You are doing ‘good’ if you play baseball in a local league with friends; you are doing great if you are in the majors.  You are doing ‘good’ if you are working in something you love; you are doing great if you are working in something you love, living extremely comfortably, and changing the world at the same time.

You are doing ‘good’ if your kids are healthy and happy.  You are doing great if they are happy, healthy, experiencing life, learning new things, and learning how they want to contribute to the world.

That doesn’t sound like me

Greatness is different for everyone, obviously.  You don’t have to be rich or in the majors to be ‘great.’  Greatness is determined by what it is YOU want from life.  If you believe that you are not capable of greatness, then you won’t be great.  Don’t dwell too long on whether it sounds like you at the moment.  Just think about what it would be like to be great at what you do. We will talk more about this concept in the next post.


How will you define your greatness?

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