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Shift how you spend your time

Change How You Spend Your Time

Have you done the TIME TRACKING EXERCISE?  Are you still unconvinced that you need to change the things that you are doing in life?  Or, did you skip the activity because you still don’t think that it is important? This post is for those who don’t see the need to change but, even if you […]

2 guys looking for a job

How can I be happy when I am unemployed?

How can I be happy when I am unemployed? Staying positive is going to take an effort in itself, but it is worth it.  Try these ideas below:   Read something positive every day. There are so many sources for positive and inspirational reading: books, magazines, and blogs just to name a few.  Focusing on the […]

Beat unemployment

Coping With Unemployment

Losing your job is not fun and being unemployed is hard.  Real hard.  When a person becomes unemployed, there is a tendency to focus on what has been lost, the difficulty of things to come, and the problems that losing a job could bring to you and your family.  It is important to remember that, […]

Enjoy activities more

More ways to enjoy the things you hate

Do you find that you don’t enjoy some of the activities that you have to do in life?  The place we most often experience this is work, right?  You ‘have’ to work in order to earn a living which means, even if you have chosen your job, you have not necessarily chosen all of the […]

last yoga class infographic

6th Yoga Class

Last night, we had our last class in the YogaLife NH “Beginning Yoga” series led by Allison Parks Dugas.  I don’t really have an ‘official’ rating system but, if I did, I would give this course a 5 out of 5.  I cannot fully explain how fantastic it was to start each week off with […]


Fight Autopilot

Have you ever felt like you were on autopilot?  Maybe, you wake up in the morning and move right into your ‘routine.’  You shower, eat, brush your teeth, go to work, come home, eat, and go to bed?  Or, some other variation?  Human beings seem to be slaves to their habits.  We eat the same […]

Tranquil stones for meditation and yoga

5th Yoga Class

Good morning everyone!  I am fresh off the fifth of six total yoga classes in the YogaLife NH beginner series, which I have dutifully been partaking in with my wife, Ali.  It has been a surprisingly interesting ride, this Yoga-thing.  I am feeling more fit, more energetic, and a little less foggy.  I have not […]

Create your Art

Create Your Art

“Absorb what is useful.  Discard what is not.  Add what is uniquely your own.”  Bruce Lee One of the key themes in my life can be found in my practice of Brazilian Jiu JitsuThe heart of this theme can be derived from the quote from Bruce Lee above.  That theme is that we create our […]

Picture symbolizing Yoga Class

4th Yoga Class

Week 4 has come and gone in our Yoga journey and, like the first three weeks, class was both fun and relaxing.  Who would have thought that I would be so excited each week to go to a Yoga class?  The class itself followed the normal routine so I won’t go into that this time […]

Upgrade your thinking

Get Your Priorities Straight

How often do you think about your priorities in life?  Have you consciously set them or have they simply evolved over time based on your day to day tasks and routines?  Being intentional with your priorities can help you be a little more efficient with your time, fight procrastination, and reach those goals that you […]