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Tracking your time for productivity

Track Your Time – EXERCISE

The process for tracking your time is not complicated but it can be a difficult habit to cultivate if you have never done it before.  Take a look at the process below for one way in which you can track your time:   GET A SMALL NOTEBOOK OR POCKET JOURNAL (ideally one that has a […]

Track your time for productivity

Auditing Your Week

Why audit your week (assess how you spend your time)? Auditing how you spend your time can be both eye opening and motivating.  Many of us assume that we are wisely utilizing our time throughout the days and weeks of the year but reality is often quite different than our expectations.  There are many benefits […]

Beat Procrastination through identity

Stop Identifying as a Procrastinator

Procrastination is a problem for many people.  For those of us who have suffered from its wrath, escape can seem impossible.  It is vital that you understand why you procrastinate BEFORE you try to kick the habit.  One of the most basic reasons why you procrastinate is not what you think. You are a procrastinator […]

Motivation Site Introduction

Jim’s Welcome to!

Welcome to’s inaugural post!  How do you look at the challenges that life sends your way?  Do you see them as an obstacle or, worse, an ending?  Or, do you look at them as the opportunity that they are?  Your mindset can make all of the difference in how you tackle the things that […]