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Stages of the moon

Understanding Your LifeStage

A Stage of Life, or LifeStage (LS) is a general classification that can help group a person into a ‘bucket’ of similar people.   LS’s have typically been classified by age group only, which is not necessarily wrong.  However, my take on LS’s differ slightly in that I add in some additional factors or attributes to […]

Compass for direction

Creating a Vision for your Life

Have you ever stopped and thought about what you really want out of life?  What is it that you want to achieve or be?  Do you have a clear picture of this in your mind?  Personally, there are so many things that I want to be and achieve in this life.  At times it can […]

Person over obstacle

Mindset vs. Life’s Obstacles

What do you do when a wrench is thrown in your plans or your day?  Over the last two weeks, I have had two separate occasions when life decided it was going to re-route my day.  Normally, situations like these would lead me to blow my top.  As I have been actively focused on creating […]

Create your Art

Create Your Art

“Absorb what is useful.  Discard what is not.  Add what is uniquely your own.”  Bruce Lee One of the key themes in my life can be found in my practice of Brazilian Jiu JitsuThe heart of this theme can be derived from the quote from Bruce Lee above.  That theme is that we create our […]

Live a positive life

10 Ways to Be More Positive

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”  Helen Keller It gets increasingly harder to be positive in what seems like a very negative world.  Turn on the news and all you see is the bad in people and the bad in society.  Talk to your friends […]

Motivation and Inspiration Intro

Ali’s Welcome to!

Hello world and welcome to!  This site has been in the works for a number of months.  My husband, Jim, and I have been plotting and planning (insert evil laugh here) to bring something that we created (in addition to our children) into this world.  As he shared, some fortuitous events transpired in the […]

Motivation Site Introduction

Jim’s Welcome to!

Welcome to’s inaugural post!  How do you look at the challenges that life sends your way?  Do you see them as an obstacle or, worse, an ending?  Or, do you look at them as the opportunity that they are?  Your mindset can make all of the difference in how you tackle the things that […]