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Hello world and welcome to! 

This site has been in the works for a number of months.  My husband, Jim, and I have been plotting and planning (insert evil laugh here) to bring something that we created (in addition to our children) into this world.  As he shared, some fortuitous events transpired in the last few weeks that have led us to launch early!  Wahoo!

Self-development and self-improvement have been a significant focus in my life.  I feel grateful that my partner-in-crime, my hubby, shares the same desire for self-improvement.  As my husband shared, this blog is intended to be a “his and hers” site.  This is because although we have a similar focus, our approaches and our perspectives are very different. 

Why did we want to do this, you ask? 

Because we have been obsessed with self-improvement from the time we were kids.  (We were both pretty jazzed when we learned that we shared this same focus when we first started dating.)  We are voracious readers. (We each have no less than 20 books on our night stands, which we are constantly refreshing.)  We are life-long learners, always focused on how we can expand our knowledge base, how we can grow, and how we can contribute to our bank of life experiences.

We have a strong desire to help people and to share what we have learned – knowledge, techniques, skills, and tales of inspiration!

A little about me….

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by two things: what makes people tick and self-development.  In my mind, these two things are very much intertwined because they are people-centric.  My drive and desire to understand people, myself included, has led me to be curious, to expand my horizons, and to truly lead with empathy at the forefront. 

Naturally, these fascinations have led me to be growth-focused, in all aspects of my life.  If I’m not growing, I’m dying.  This manifests itself in a few different ways.  It means that I’m always looking to expand, to learn something new, to push myself.  

Focusing on growth has also led me to have a keen awareness of my own mortality.  It moves me to make the very most of this precious gift of life I have been given.  It moves me to action.

I am a type-A personality, an achiever to the core.  I am driven to succeed in anything and everything I touch, because any less than that is unacceptable (let me clarify, that this is my definition for myself).  I am a young woman focused on owning my future and making my mark.  I am a life-long planner, afflicted with the compulsion for perfection.

Although all of these characteristics have been my biggest assets in achieving, in making my mark, in my success to date, these characteristics have also driven my nuts!  I have been the source of my own frustration.  I have gotten in my own way.  This has made my journey of self-improvement even more important. 

I am learning how to let go, how to reset my own expectations (both for myself and for others), and most importantly how to be true to myself, without losing what makes me, me – a fiery, strong, driven woman.  I am learning to slow down (although this can be really tough at times!), to enjoy the journey, and to worry less.  I am learning to breathe.  I am learning that it’s okay to feel deeply, to bring my full self, flaws and all, into every day.  I am learning to be grateful for the whole journey, the highs and the lows.

What we aspire to deliver to you….

Personally, I hope to share with you some of the shifts I have made in my mindset that have led to a more rich and enjoyable life.  My hope is that this site, comprised of everything my husband and I have learned in our journey to date, will help you on your journey!

We hope to share our perspectives, knowledge, techniques, strategies, and tips.  As much as it can be uncomfortable, we hope to be honest, real, not to filter for the sake of saving face.  Life isn’t easy and we hope to be a source where you can feel solidarity, where you can feel understood. 

Our hope is that this site not only resonates with you but also gives you a little extra oomph to go seize the day and ultimately, helps you to design the life you desire!

Now go!!  Seize the carp!!  (That’s an Out Cold reference, in case you didn’t catch it!)

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